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MongoosePro® JLR


MongoosePro® JLR


Jaguar and Land Rover have approved the MongoosePro® JLR as a supported interface and will offer it directly to Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships as the factory diagnostics tool. MongoosePro® JLR is a low cost VCI for factory diagnostics and reprogramming.

Product Capabilities

  • Support for L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538 Land Rover vehicle lines
  • Support for X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 Jaguar vehicle lines
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Active Tests
  • Data Lists
  • Monitor
  • Utility Tests
  • Reprogramming

Technical Features

  • Supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming with JLR Diagnostics Program
  • Sold to JLR dealerships as the factory diagnostics tool
  • New VCI for the JLR IDS system
  • Emissions Reprogramming: 1999 to current
  • Body Control Reprogramming: 1999 to current
  • OEM Diagnostics: 1999 to current

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