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MongoosePro® GM II


MongoosePro® GM II


MongoosePro® GM II is a low-cost, high performance reprogramming and diagnostics interface for GM vehicles. It supports GM OEM software for diagnostic and programming of GM 1996 to present including SPS, GDS2, and Tech2Win. The MongoosePro® is also available for Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Scion and Volkswagen.

Features & Specifications:

  • Diagnostic functions thru OEM software
  • All Module Flash Programming
  • Security system programming
  • Streaming Enhanced Data List
  • Bi-directional controls
  • DTC Trouble Codes
  • TPMS systems

Technical Features

  • Diagnostics for powertrain, chassis, body, anti-theft and TPMS systems with TECH2WIN
  • Reprogramming for all modules with TIS2WEB
  • Emissions Reprogramming: 1996 to current
  • Body Control Reprogramming:1996 to current
  • OEM Diagnostics: 1996 current

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