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GYSFlash 100-12 HF


GYSFlash 100-12 HF


GYSflash 100-12 HF is a 100A high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology with 5 functions:

Battery support: sustains 12V (liquid or gel) automotive battery during diagnostic work.

Advance battery charger: ensures an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the most modern vehicle.

Showroom mode: maintains batteries in showroom vehicles.

In «battery change» mode, will maintain electrical supply to preserve vehicle memory settings.

High power stabilised supply: voltage & current adjustable.

Technical Features

  • 7 languages available
  • Automatic restart
  • Cable test and calibration
  • Showroom mode lock
  • “Easy charge” mode
  • Activate and adjust an “expert”charging curve
  • Automatic SOS recovery for sulphated battery



  • Charge
  • Diagnostic
  • Showroom
  • Change battery
  • Power Supply



  • Fitted with 2x2.5m - 16mm² cables
  • It can be fitted with 2x5m - 16mm² and more.
  • The calibration is automatic.

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