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Brain Bee Connex
Brain Bee Connex


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Brain Bee Connex


A powerful operating system, up to 10x faster than the other self-diagnosis systems, and even faster than Brain Bee’s previous self-diagnosis.

Made in Brain Bee

Connex incorporates the reliability of a leader of the industry for self-diagnosis with unparalleled performance.

Nexus 1.0

It’s the new extra powerful operating system developed by Brain Bee for you.

Maximum speed

In less than 7 seconds, you are in the diagnostic session.

Your best Assistant

Connex offers its best “Assistants” that will help you find a solution quickly.

Always connected

Always have the highest performance: up to date and with endless possibilities to access the information you need.

Plenty of services

The more you use it, the less you pay for it? Only Connex could come up with an idea like that.

Technical Features

  • Bluetooth  4.1 with 100m range
  • Communication Protocol: ISO 14230 (ISO 9141-2), ISO 11519 - J1850 PWM, ISO 11519 - J1850 VPW, ISO 11898-2 - HIGH SPEED CAN-BUS, ISO 11898-3 - LOW SPEED CAN-BUS, SAE J2411 - SINGLE WIRE CAN-BUS
  • Display TOUCH TFT LCD 10,1” CAPACITIVE 1200X800
  • Weight 1500g Terminal, 90g VCI

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