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Actia Multi-Diag 360

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Actia Multi-Diag 360


Multi-Diag 360 to diagnose & repair

As a Diagnostic Partner for major manufacturers, Multi-Diag is also the benchmark for multi-make networks with over 150,000 users. Discover its new software, Multi-Diag 360° - ultra-intuitive and connected for increased responsiveness and performance - as well as its innovative and upgradable PC tablets, specially designed for garages much more than a diagnostic tool, Multi-Diag 360° offers a comprehensive and integrated solution to solve fault codes and rapidly repair faults. It is the first multi-make repair tool. An exclusive offer designed by ACTIA.

Panoramic view

  • An organised and efficient workshop problems and solutions are visible at a glance: you can quickly assess the duration of work and the time the vehicle can be returned.

Increase productivity with connected services*

  • For each ECU with a fault, receive the right information, at the right time.
  • Multi-Diag surrounds you with targeted and integrated solutions: it is 360° diagnostics!
    *Internet connection required

Expand your business

  • Offer your customers a broad selection of Diagnostic services: servicing package (reset, fault reading), tyre package (electronic valves), brake pad package... and part sales.
  • Associate Multi-Diag 360° with your daily work so that it becomes a real source of additional revenue.

Build customer loyalty

  • Offer targeted services, demonstrate expertise that is comparable with manufacturer networks, act quickly and efficiently whatever the vehicle and show your professionalism.
  • Use the Diagnostic report to justify your services, enhance all your repairs and build a relationship of trust.

Technical Features

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