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A computer diagnostic test is a non invasive procedure, much like an XRAY or MRI scan. The test may be inconclusive and further investigation/testing may be required at additional cost. A computer diagnostic test involves downloading stored trouble/ fault codes stored in the vehicles computer/electronic control unit (ECU).

This information is accessed via a computer or diagnostic tool (Like our Socio 300,500 and 600) and can only report stored data. Therefore if a fault is recored in your vehicles computer memory we have to belive that it is correct.

Unfortunatly the stored information is not always correct or accurate of the vehicles problem, but it does point us in the right direction.

The diagnostic tools we supply are easy to use and provide information on problems that there may be with the vehicle and can supply you the tools you need to either delete these codes or give you information on how to go about solving the issue.

At Tecnodiagnostic we provide information and technical help to all of our customer for free of charge (As long as they are within the tools subscription) and are able to give full, proffesional help with using our diagnostic tools.

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