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Superscan 3

Superscan 3 pushes the boundaries of client and vehicle interactivity to a completely new level... Introduced in 1999, the Superscan is regarded as one of the World’s most outstanding diagnostic Scantools. Now in its 3rd phase of development, Superscan 3 has evolved into...The Intelligent Scantool. Discover the incredible capabilities of this truly outstanding scanner.

• DPF regenerations
• Electronic Parking Brake reset and configuration
• Injector coding/classifications
• BSI/Body Controller replacement and configurations
• Key/Immobiliser programming
• Airbag replacement programming
• Electronic Power Steering calibration
• ABS ecu replacement
• AutoBox learning initialisation
• Battery replacement configuration
• Trailer/towbar configuration
• Tyre Pressure Monitoring sensor configuration
• and many, many more...


• Superscan ASM-X software does not time out - it keeps on running even if you dont update
• Full OBD2 generic engine capability on all cars - post 2001 petrol & post 2004 diesel
• Bluetooth wireless capability up to 30M
• Automatic global ECU recognition
• Vehicle/Client database built in
• Retain entire DTC history for any car you scan
• Save or print any type of ECU report you wish: DTCs, ECU configurations, Live Data....
• ECU configurations comparison - incredibly useful when replacing ecus with blank ones.
• Unique MECHNET online interactive technical information system
• Global scan all ecus in priority order i.e. Engine, AutoBox, Body Computer, ABS, AirBag, IC - saves masses of time
• CAN BUS analyser buit in
• Search Function for Programming Functions, ECU systems, Live Data parameters
• Flight Data recording
• Individual Data Parameter group setup/save feature
• Individual setup of the ASM-X software to how you like it

Support Documents

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