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Socio 410

You can use the Socio 410 as a handheld device for fast verifications, without the need to connect it to a PC and having to wait for the computer to start. By using the instrument's keypad and LCD, it is possible to perform the following: voltage measurement with a multimeter, resistance measurement with a multimeter, waveform display with an oscilloscope and EOBD.

The robustness of the instrument is guaranteed by a rubber molding that can protect it from accidental drops or from any external agent (grease, oil, etc.) with a IP54 degree of protection.

The instrument is equipped with 1 GB of internal memory in which you can store data from the PROPRIETARY serial communication with the control unit and from the oscilloscope and review them at a later time. During data acquisition it is not necessary to maintain active communication with the PC.

It is possible to print the report from every function of the software, as your own reminder or for consulting with a specialist, but also as a diagnosis and repair report for your client.

Key Features

Buffer Scope & Zoom
Thanks to a sampling frequency of 100 MS/se and it's 13 bits of resolution, the integrated oscilloscope is at the forefront of automotive technology. Combined with 64 MB RAM buffer for data storage, wireless transmission, internal battery for operating without power supply, LCD for stand-alone data display and the extremely small size makes it the reference product for its market.

Store data
The scope buffer, the waveforms, the acquisitions of serial data from the control unit can all be saved in electronic format, to be subsequently reviewed or sent to a specialist for a consultation, or to create your own database of reference values.

Bluetooth & Wifi
Two wireless modules have been fitted inside the instrument, in order to meet the various installation requirements. You can use either wifi or bluetooth communication on the PC, because they are both capable of supporting a data communication of more than 2Mbit/s towards Socio 400.

Galvanic isolation
To avoid "ground loops" and short-circuits between the serial diagnosis and the oscilloscope, a galvanic separation was designed between these two modules in order to avoid possible failures of the device or the vehicle.


Size 38 x 99 x 149 mm
Weight 500 g
Protection rating IP54 or higher
Impact protection with integrated molded rubber
Operating temperature -20 ?C +70 ?C
Screen LCD 320 x 240 TFT 300 cd/m2 - 2.8''
Keyboard 6 keys
Power supply 8 - 40 V from EOBD, Power connector and USB
Rechargeable internal Lithium battery 1000 mA/h (>1h40m)
Memory 1 GB internal (flight recorder memory)
Wireless Class 1 Bluetooth, WiFi USB port
Supported protocols Blink code, CAN ISO 11898, ISO 15765-4, K-L, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230, SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 11519-2, SAE J1708, SAE J2411, SAE J1939, RS485, SCI, CCD Full EOBD 2 Electronic Multiplexer


Channels 2
Sampling speed 100 MS/s
Input bandwidth 10 MHz
Oscilloscope internal RAM for the buffer scope 64 MByte
Vertical resolution 13 bit (hardware)
Voltage scales 100 mV/div - 10 s/div
Time scale 200 ns/div - 10 s/div


Vertical scale resolution 16 bit
Accuracy +- 50 mV
Resistance 0 - 50 kohm


Support Documents

User's Manual (pdf file)


"Very simple bit of kit to use. Technical help has always been really good and helpful. I can't fault the kit at all and even customers compliment on it. Overall a very professional and necessary piece of equipment for our garage. It has also enabled us to gain more work by having the tool and it has been profitable."
Josh, Broomfield Garage - Chelmsford

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