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Pico 4 Channel Kit

Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits can be used on any type, make and model of vehicle without the need for expensive vehicle-specific harnesses or other add-ons.

The kits are supplied with PicoScope Automotive software. This feature-rich software is capable of capturing even the most complex of waveforms, yet the intuitive controls and comprehensive reference library ensures it is both quick and easy to use. PicoScope Automotive software is free - there are no licence fees or annual subscriptions - and updates can always be downloaded for free too.

The Pico 4 Channel Kit comes in:
• Starter Kit
• Standard Kit
• Advanced Kit
• Diesel Kit
• Master Kit

Key Features

Use with any vehicle
Available with 2 or 4 channels
Up to 80 MS/s real-time sample rate
Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
Up to 32 M sample buffer memory
100 V maximum input
No power supply required
USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible) connection for fast screen updates
Protected against overloads and short circuits
Includes PicoScope Automotive software
Free software updates


60 A AC/DC current clamp, 600 A AC/DC current clamp, Premium test leads, 2-pin break-out lead, Secondary ignition pickup, 20:1 attenuator, Flexible backpinning probe (red), Flexible backpinning probe (black), Backpinning probe set, Multimeter probe (black), Multimeter probe (red), Small crocodile/gator clip (black), Small crocodile/gator clip (red), Battery Clip (Red), Battery Clip (black), S-hook, Automotive software CD-ROM, Training resources DVD, Automotive Quick Start Guide, USB cable 1.8m and Carry case.


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