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AVL DiTEST Multisense 1000

AVL DiTEST MULTISENSE 1000 (MS 1000) is an accessory for the AVL DiTEST SCOPE 1200/1400.

The AVL DiTEST Multisense 1000 offers practical handling, intuitive operation and multiple mounting options. Its functionality is strengthened by haptic and acoustic feedback from certain signals and set-up operations. Communication and data provision runs through the measuring device AVL DiTEST SCOPE 1200/1400, in the future also for AVL DiTEST Scope 8400.

The Multisense 1000's stroboscope function turns the measurement equipment into a full-fledged engine tester. On modern engines, it can be used for real-time ignition point control. Thus, it can, through the ignition points' stability, draw conclusions on worn-out timing mechanisms (e.g. timing chains).

In the case of older engine technology, it can be used to time the ignition points precisely and easily. Advantages such as the exact triggering of the flash or the attachment of the trigger pliers on the primary ignition circuit or on the injection valve actuation circuit, add to its scope of application. Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology, one can clearly distinguish between the engine marks, even at diffuse lighting conditions.

Who are AVL DiTEST?

AVL DiTEST - Future solutions for today.

The AVL-Group is the world's largest privately-owned and independent company for development and powertrain engineering, as well as instrumentation and test systems stands for the expertise of more than 50 years in development.

The corporate concept is the support of vehicles during the whole life cycle. Within this concept, AVL DiTEST equips workshops and test centres with test systems and diagnostic tools of highest quality. At the core of the company's philosophy is leadership in technology and quality, perfect service as well as a world-wide presence. The success of their products in more than 50 countries is proof of the consistent implementation of their philosophy.


• An ignition timing stroboscope for the timing of ignition points
• An LED flashlight with dimming function
• A dynamic luxmeter to measure luminous intensity and sensitivity
• An optical light reflex sensor that can, for instance, be used for speed recognition, motion detection or reference mark determination
• A dynamic microphone to detect an analogue acoustic signal for signal analysis and relative noise measurement
• A stethoscope to display relative hardware-based (mechanical) vibration
• A magnetic field detector to record signals from installed magnetic sensors, for instance to define the magnetic sensor side in the case of wheel bearings. (in removed state)

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