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GYS 100-12 HF

The GYSFLASH 100-12 HF provides a high powered stabilised power supply incorporating SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology. Designed to sustain 12V battery (liquid/AGM/gel) for vehicles during diagnostic work. This device will also ensure an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the most modern vehicles and battery types. It can be fitted with cables up to 2x5m in 16mm². Changing charging cables requires recalibration (see page 14). It is considered a fixed device not a mobile product.


These devices have 5 modes including 2 that are hidden:

• Charge Mode: to charge liquid or gel electrolyte batteries (lead, lead Calcium, lead Calcium-silver, AGM...) from 20 Ah to 1200 Ah in 12V.
• Supply mode « Diag + »: GYSFLASH supply up to 100A to ensure compensation of current used by high-energy consumers (engine fan, window regulator, electronic suspension, etc). In this mode the voltage can be precisely adjusted.
• Supply mode: ensure current compensation when using electrical features of a demonstration vehicle (window regulator, heating, morrors, etc) enabling permanent display of the vehicle. In this mode the voltage can be precisely adjusted.
• Change battery mode: ensures a stabilised power supply to the vehicle during battery replacement to preserve memory settings. By default this mode is inactive and doesn’t appear in the mode list.
• Power Supply mode: This mode is intended for experimented user only. By default this mode is inactive and doesn't appear in the mode list. This mode enables to use the charger as a powerful stabilised power supply with regulated voltage and adjustable maximum current.


• Fitted with 2x2.5m - 16mm² cables
• It can be fitted with 2x5m - 16mm² and more. The calibration is automatic.

Support Documents

GYS 100-12 HF Manual (pdf file)


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