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Specialising in automotive aftermarket diagnostic tools and accessories, AVL DiTEST is committed to innovation, product reliability and quality-assured customer service, aiming to deliver superior products to the satisfy the needs of all end-users.

Scope 1200 (2 Channel)

• Automatic sensor recognition

• Direct reference curve comparison

• Explained connections and detailed descriptions

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Scope 1400 (4 Channel)

• Over 400 pre-defined settings

• Four differential oscilloscope measurement channels

• Power supply through 14V on-board system

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DPG 1300

• Suitable for use with forming gas: 95% nitrogen (N2) and 5% hydrogen (H2)

• Can be used with R134a, R1234yf and R744 coolant circuits

• Testing for detection of leaks in coolant circuits

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• An ignition timing stroboscope for the timing of ignition points

• An LED flashlight with dimming function

• A dynamic luxmeter to measure luminous intensity and sensitivity

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HV Safety 2000

• Guided diagnostics and measurement procedure

• Standard multimeter functions

• Power supply via USB interface

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MDS 105

• Continuous on-board power control

• Automatic VIN and mileage read-out

• Self-dependent detection of diesel/gasoline vehicles

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