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The DPG 1300 enables simple and efficient detection of leaks in vehicle coolant circuits. It has been designed to ensure supreme operational safety and user protection. It allows precise detection of leaks in all available coolant circuits, including R134a, R1234yf and R744, through injection of forming gas (nitrogen/hydrogen). In order to determine the exact location of leaks, the escaping hydrogen is detected using a separate gas detector.

Key Functions:
• Testing for and detection of leaks in coolant circuits
• Can be used with R134a, R1234yf and R744 coolant circuits
• Suitable for use with forming gas: 95% nitrogen (N2) and 5% hydrogen (H2)
• Additional gas detector for hydrogen sold optionally

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AVL DiTEST DPG 1300 - Spec Sheet

AVL DiTEST DPG H2 Leak Detector - Spec Sheet


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